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Want to know how?

The third edition of Job Search: The Total System by Ken and Sheryl Dawson maps out every step for a successful search, integrating them into a comprehensive, powerful process that has helped tens of thousands of individuals, from downsized employees to new college grads, achieve a better job for better pay and a better life.

Total Career Success University, the online portal for The Total System, brings the book to life with multimedia and interactive tools that accelerate learning and let you gain the advantage in as little as seven days.

At TCS University, you will learn the strategies that will instantly arm you with proven, cutting-edge strategies that will position you on the top of any must-hire list.

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Find (and Create) Jobs Where 80% of Candidates
Never Look


Most people who seek employment depend heavily on job listings and search firms to identify opportunities. That's like fishing in a lake with 20% of the fish and 80% of the fishermen. Stack the odds in your favor as you learn to network into the “hidden” job market. At TCS University, you will:

  • Learn a foolproof five-step process for expanding your network.
  • Identify more contacts than you ever imagined who can help your search.
  • Get over the fear of rejection and the belief that you cannot make “cold calls.” (To find your job as quickly as possible, you will do this.)
  • Learn to make the most of every call and every contact.
  • Master the use of daily networking goals and objectives for each contact.
  • Find your job as quickly as possible by relying on the power of your networking skills instead of job listings and search firms.
The Hidden Job Market image

“The Total System works! My new opportunity, found by networking, is in a related industry and new field with a compensation potential surpassing my previous income many times over.”

— Charles Goolsby


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Craft a Resume that Prompts Employers to Compete for You


Very few people have a resume that works in their favor—for dozens of reasons. Because your resume has 15 seconds or less to command an employer’s attention, nothing less than an “A+” resume will do in a competitive job market. Make yours work for you by:

  • Conveying the VALUE you can create for an employer.
  • Focusing on RESULTS, rather then responsibilities.
  • Justifying the position you want.
  • Using language and keywords that add power to your resume so you stand out.
  • Establishing yourself as a consummate professional.
  • Demonstrating how you solved problems.
  • Limiting your resume to two pages—even if you are highly experienced.
  • Avoiding use of resume fads that do not work.
Sample Resume image

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Create Your Own A+ resume with Total Career Success!

“In the past, I had experienced about a 2% response to the letters and resumes I mailed out. Using The Total System techniques, the responses went up to 20-25%.”

— E. John Kocan

Ensure References Will Say Exactly What Helps You Most


No part of the job search process can do more to distinguish you from the competition than references. That's because very few people put significant effort into making it easy for their references to help. Here’s a quick look at how you can increase your chances with powerful references:

      Secure References Who PROMOTE You

What You DoProduces Results
Draft your own reference letters. Get your reference letters faster, and closer to what you want to say.
Prepare each reference before the reference call. Align the statements references make with each employer’s needs.
Keep references informed of your progress and your gratitude. Win important, active allies in your search.

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Transform Your Interview into a Job-Winning Performance


You will never wonder how your interview will go once you use The Total System to plan every word you're going to say beforehand. You cannot anticipate every question an employer will ask. But TCS University lets you interactively practice the 100 Toughest Interview Questions in every category so you are totally prepared for:

  • General questions
  • Illegal questions
  • Either/or questions
  • Hidden agenda questions
  • Situational questions
  • Behavioral questions
  • Resume-based questions
  • Self-assessment questions
  • Questions requiring company research
  • Closing questions

When you can answer every one of these with confidence, no question can stump you.

“The added benefit of [the 100 Tough Interview] Questions, specific to the level of position I was seeking, made it a powerful addition to preparing for interviews.”

— Garrett Dolan

Besides the questions and approaches to answers, TCS University includes video interviews that demonstrate the 10 key principles of interviewing successfully.

Learn how to answer the 100 Toughest Interview Questions today and WIN the OFFER. Master the 100 Toughest Interview Questions with TCS University!

Negotiate Pay That Reflects Your Value


Did you know that what you will earn from your next employer over time is largely determined by what you earn your first day there? Aside from the occasional major promotion, most compensation increases only at the rate of a typical “merit” pay raise. That means “not much.”

“My compensation increased by a multiple of three times in one major transition, and each year I have experienced significant increases.”

— Dan Oglesby

There are two negotiating strategies to maximize the amount you’re paid from the beginning, and The Total System shows you how to apply both:

  • Learn to demonstrate the impact you’ve had on the bottom line of past employers, and use that to increase your leverage, bargaining power and paycheck.
  • Assess whether an independent option—as a contract employee or consultant—is right for you. This independence can exempt you from the limitations of an employer’s pay structure.

Learn how to get BETTER PAY now.
Get BETTER PAY NOW with Total Career Success!

Think Positive to Win


As long as you allow negative thoughts to interfere with your job search, you’re toast. Of course, knowing that positive thinking is “required” can be very different from actually putting it into action and “making it happen.” Applying the 10 steps of The Total System can help you think positive naturally, even when downsizing has undermined your sense of self-worth. Moreover, if you fully apply The Total System, you simply won’t have time to be down! Some examples:

Doing ThisFuels Positive Thinking
Listing your accomplishments Increases your self-esteem
Making progress through networking Builds momentum and quick “wins”
Practicing the 100 Toughest Questions Improves confidence and performance

Get Positive and Get Results from Total Career Success!

Tie Every Step Together and Leave Nothing to Chance


Each of the above steps, by itself, will improve your job search results. LINK all of them together, and you will put light-years between the competition’s results and YOUR SUCCESS.

Consider the possibilities you create when YOU:

  • Determine the best types of jobs and companies that most closely reflect your abilities and interests.
  • Create a resume that quantifies the value you offer.
  • Network into the hiring authorities who have not listed their job openings publicly.
  • Demonstrate in an interview how you created value and how your proven abilities will benefit your new employer.
  • Prepare written references that directly support your value-creation statements.
  • Negotiate compensation based on your demonstrated ability to increase an employer’s bottom line.

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Tie Every Step Together for Total Career Success!

Jump-Start Your Search in as Little as Seven Days


If you are out of work, your first step to success is to make job search your full-time job until you achieve your better job for better pay. The accelerated—and aggressive—Job Search Preparation Schedule gets you going fast:

Time FrameTasks to CompleteReading & Listening to Job Search: The Total System
Day 1
  • Self-assessment
  • Goal-setting questions
  • Financial plan forms
  • Through Chapter 2
  • Audios 1-2
Day 2
  • Draft resume
  • Chapter 3
  • Audio 3
Day 3
  • Draft letters
  • Refine resume
  • Chapter 4
  • Audio 4
Day 4
  • List networking contacts
  • List target companies
  • Chapter 5
  • Audio 5
Day 5
  • Select search firms
  • Identify listings
  • Draft marketing script
  • Finalize resume, letters
  • Chapters 6-7
  • Audios 6-7
Day 6
  • Practice interview
  • Prepare answers to 100 Tough Questions
  • Chapter 8
  • Audios 8
Day 7
  • Review all Personal Marketing Plan materials
  • Begin implementation
  • Chapters 9-10
  • Audios 9-10

Make today the first day of YOUR accelerated job search.
Jump-Start Your Search for Total Career Success!

What You Get with a TCS University Subscription


A subscription to TCS University is The Ultimate Job Search Resource. With it, you get:

  • Job Search: The Total System by Ken and Sheryl Dawson (PDF book)
  • 7.5 hours of audio by the authors to supplement the text
  • The Interactive Total System Study Guide, with review questions/answers and action plans
  • The Electronic Total System Organizer, with more than 20 forms and templates
  • A self-assessment
  • Sample “A+” resumes
  • 100 Interactive Tough Interview Questions/Suggested Answers
  • Interview videos at 5 career levels
  • The Total System Forum, to exchange ideas and questions with fellow students
  • Webinars (2 or more monthly, with premium subscription or a la carte)

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