Full Work Place Preferences and
Career Assessments

"The Value Proposition for Your Success"


  • Guides career decisions based on behavioral preferences for a strong indicator of performance success and job satisfaction
  • Full report (Sample PDF) provides comparison of your profile to appropriate position for decision on next career step and for development
  • Career report (Sample PDF) provides comparison of your profile to targeted career for decision on next career step
  • Entrepreneur Report (Sample PDF) — provides a detailed report of how one's behavioral traits match with those of a successful independent business person.
  • Represents a new generation of assessment capability backed by an international research & development firm
  • Assesses 150 traits accurately using Performance Paradox, not Bi-polar analysis
  • Harnesses technology for a comprehensive look at career suitability
  • Assesses individual performance traits against job / position templates for very reliable predictor of suitability
  • Web-enabled for internal implementation & administration – can be taken manually
  • Effectively applied without professional interpretation – easy to read reports
  • Evaluates individual behavioral preferences profile against 150 careers – lists order of match by career categories or by ranking preferences highest to lowest
  • Matches career options based on educational level – college, 2-year degree, high school
  • Assesses task preferences, interests, preferred work environment, interpersonal skills, motivation, decision – making, and leadership
  • Provides highly accurate consistency score