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Excerpt from the Forward to
Job Search: The Total System™,
3rd Edition

Bob Bunker
Retired Major General, Army Corps of Engineers
Senior Vice President of Brookwood Group
Atlanta, Georgia
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I am one of Ken and Sheryl’s graduates from their corporate transition program. Among many things that have continued to impress me during the years since then, has been their ability to retain the successful core of their process while strengthening their system through the incorporation of changes in the workplace and enhancements made possible through ever advancing technologies. Whether you are motivated by your own desire to seek a new opportunity, or involuntarily released by your former employer, you have found the best resource to help you transition successfully regardless of your organizational level.

The unique concepts of The Total System™ such as linkage and psychological leverage coupled with positive thinking provided me with an effective framework within which to create my personal game plan. Rather than implementing isolated plays or steps in a haphazard or reactive way, this framework enabled me to develop an integrated play book, one that would win the game!

In addition, I found it very difficult to develop a resume and interview technique that truly reflected what I could achieve for a future employer or client rather than simply reciting past experience. Don’t minimize that point, as it is at the heart of what The Total System is all about and what makes The Total System™ unique in the plethora of job search advice! It challenges you to envision the future that is right for you, enables you to communicate your value to a potential employer, and propels you to achieve your dreams.

I was able to use the tools and the knowledge gained from The Total System™ to bring three desirable job opportunities to the point of decision at the same time and select the one that provided the most overall value for me. Applying the negotiation techniques in The Total SystemI was successful in increasing my compensation package by about twenty-five percent above the initial offer and have leveraged my earning potential substantially by applying these principles with each job change since then.

The wonderful thing about Job Search: The Total System™ is that it works! Just as it has enabled me to achieve my career and life aspirations as well as others with whom I have shared it over the years, The Total System™ will work for you and your family as you soar into your future.

Read the rest of Bob's story (PDF)

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Ken Dawson, CEO and founder of Total Career Success, Inc., and co-author of Job Search: The Total System™, is available for seminars, webinars and presentations for your association membership and conferences. By sponsoring an event you share in the revenues while providing the best career and job search advice delivered in an entertaining and dynamic format. Seminars may be half day or full day events and may be live or telecast. Webinars and presentations can be shorter events as best suited for your membership. Topics build on the ten steps of Job Search: The Total System and typically include question and answer sessions for highly interactive and practical advice.

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