The Total Systemâ„¢ Audio Gems

Job Search: The Total System™ Audio Gems is 40+ minutes of dazzling highlights from the full 7 1/2 hour audio program that complements the book, Job Search: The Total System™. Motivational as well as informative, it capsulizes many valuable “gems” for your listening pleasure and transition success. In addition to reinforcing important job search techniques, the audio gems present motivational stories and lessons from a wide range of historical figures that will encourage and challenge you to succeed beyond your expectations. Listen to them online or download them to play as you go about your day, and be inspired!

Audio Gems


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Audio Gems


Audio Gem 1: Setting the Stage: Where You’ve Been, Where You Are, Where You’re Going

Audio Gem 2: Before You Search: Explore Independent Options

Audio Gem 3: Beyond Resume Platitudes: The Foundation for Goal Setting

Audio Gem 4: The Art of Preparing References: It’s Not Just a List of Names

Audio Gem 5: Build Your Network: Eighty Percent of Successful Job Hunters Can’t Be Wrong

Audio Gem 6: Search Firms: How to Distinguish the Pros from the Peddlers

Audio Gem 7: Lead Generation: Leveraging Networking

Audio Gem 8: Interviewing: It’s a Psychological Tennis Match, So Hold Your Serve

Audio Gem 9: Negotiating the Deal You Want: Get the Money Now

Audio Gem 10: Your Curtain Call: Make It a Standing Ovation

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