Ten Steps to Mastering Job Transitions
Job Search: The Total System™

Proven Techniques for Job and Career Transition

Job Search: The Total System™ is a comprehensive and proven approach to empower you with the necessary tools for securing better offers for better jobs faster than ever before. The four integral components that make up The Total System™ are designed to complement each other and provide long-term reinforcement of The Total System™ winning concepts: linkage and psychological leverage. Consistent with the concept of linkage, all ten steps outlined in ten chapters are linked together to maximize your career transition success.

Job Search: The Total System™ begins delivering benefits immediately, and you will still see continued results long after you have completed the program and throughout your career. But don't take our word for it, check out what former clients have to say about The Total System™. Read reviews by industry experts.

The Total System™

The Total System™ Complete Package

  • Third edition book
  • Audio Series with effective Study Guide
  • Organizer with electronic Personal Marketing Plan forms

Ensure Quicker, Smoother Career Transitions

  • Job Search: The Total System™ can be completed in just seven days.
  • Detailed forms, examples, and steps in the entire process save job seekers time and provide an effective means of implementing their job search in record time.

Improve Marketability

  • Helps job seekers develop the best resume, networking, and interviewing skills.
  • Equips job seekers with proven negotiation techniques to achieve better jobs for better pay and "close the deal."

Build Your Confidence

  • The Total System™ instills the confidence building skills required for a successful job search campaign.
  • From preparing a resume to negotiating a final offer, The Total System™ helps job seekers master every element of their job search.

To be a strong contender in today's competitive and global job market, you need solid preparation and a sound game plan. Job Search: The Total System™ gives you both. Written by two internationally recognized career transition specialists, this third edition guidebook will put you in a position to get the job you want. The Total System™ approach helps you assess your career directions; hones essential resume writing, networking, interviewing, and negotiating skills; and teaches you how to link each aspect of your job search into a coordinated, efficient, high powered campaign. Job Search: The Total System™ provides the vital information you need to find the right job in the shortest time, including:

  • Sample resumes
  • Sample cover letters, and reference letters
  • Effective telephone scripting and lead generation
  • Answers to the tough interview questions

  • Self assessment
  • Independent business options
  • How to beat the competition
  • Negotiating value

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Originally published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., The Total System™ is now in its third edition; over 255 pages with forms and exhibits designed to develop a Personal Marketing Plan; extensive self-assessment; sample cover letters; Sample resumes are also available.

Study Guide

With key points, review questions and an action plan relating to each audio and chapter, the Study Guide assists the reader and listener in learning The Total System™, developing essential job search skills, and building confidence to apply them. It is effective for independent study.

Audio Series

7 1/2 hours of technique reinforcement and highly motivational material assists the reader and listener in implementing The Total System™ of job search.

Now Available in Downloadable format, The Total System™ Audio Gems, offer 40+ minutes of dazzling highlights from the full audio program! Click here for more Details and a FREE Introduction!


The Personal Marketing Plan forms and other essential electronic forms for organizing and managing one’s job search are essential for successful implementation of the system. They are organized with detailed instructions on how to use over 20 forms effectively. The Organizer is invaluable for managing the job search to achieve maximum results in the shortest time.


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