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Vision: The radio show Total Career Success is designed to inform, energize and equip listeners to achieve their career goals. From executive to college grad to new worker, everyone can benefit from the practical and proven advice on job search and career advancement.

Mission: To enable every listener to achieve their career aspirations and advance their careers, to achieve their potential and meet their financial goals.

Goals: To engage listeners in new ways of thinking about their potential, their goals, and their future. To cover current and interesting topics relevant to a broad range of career topics, from specific career opportunities, to industries and workplace changes, to financial and advancement considerations. To present guests who are experts in their fields to share the lessons they have learned in succeeding in their various areas of excellence. To take calls from listeners on questions of interest to them and provide practical information, help and solutions.

Topics: Job search, career opportunities, professionalism, financial aspects of career advancement, workplace advances and future changes, organizational challenges at work, relationships at work, motivational issues, success attributes and success stories.

History: Total Career Success was founded by the authors of Job Search: The Total System™ and principals of Dawson Consulting Group which has a 30-year track record of success in providing corporate talent management services including recruiting and outplacement. Taking the proven techniques that have enabled tens of thousands of transitioning employees to attain better jobs for better pay and to improve their careers and lives, Total Career Success is now providing to millions of people the means to achieve their job and career goals.


Online Resources: Total Career Success University offers Job Search: The Total System™ and a full range of online resources as well as experienced coaches who apply best practices and exceptional  facilitation backed by proven results to help you gain a better job for better pay and ... a better life!

The Hosts


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Sheryl Dawson

Sheryl Dawson photo As an author, speaker and consultant, Sheryl is the driving force behind the success and sustainability of Dawson Consulting Group with her broad vision and devotion to client needs.

Ken Dawson

Ken Dawson photo An energetic, informative, humorous and motivational presenter, Ken inspires  participants to excel.  His creative and practical advice has helped thousands to achieve better jobs for better pay.

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