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"…the finest I have ever read on job hunting PERIOD!"


"Without question, Job Search: The Total System™ is the finest book I have ever read on job hunting - period. I have been through several downsizings throughout my 20 years in healthcare and have used The Total System™ each time. My career has markedly improved and this validates the power of The Total System™."

Richard O’Donnell
Healthcare Executive
A National Healthcare Company


"… from being unemployed to be being sought after!"


"When looking for a job in such a rough economy, having a team of expert job searchers supporting me that could give me an edge proved to be priceless. After reading Job Search: The Total System and a couple coaching sessions I had an A+ résumé. I know it was an A+ résumé because one of my potential employers walked into the interview and said, "I am going to tell you about the job because after reading your résumé I already know you fit the role and you are already hired in my mind." What an amazing transformation from being unemployed to be being sought after! Within the first 6 weeks of my search I was offered 1 contract position, 1 full time position plus interviewing for a 3rd position. The Total System is the real deal. In the past I have looked for someone to help me with my résumé preparation and never found much credible assistance. As a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) I am well aware of the scams on trusting consumers like promising a quality product and not delivering. The Total System delivers an amazing product and education that will serve me in my career forever. And it will serve anyone who applies these proven techniques!"

Nina Debelo, CFE
Accounting Manager/Controller

"… an inspirational strategy to launch my search."


"My name is Deirdre O’Neill. After moving to a new city, I had no idea where to look for a new job or how to get started. In addition, I transitioned from an industry not prevalent in my new home town. Your excellent program and team set me on a path to success immediately. Your expert coaching made a world of difference to me throughout my job search. When your team carefully reviewed, expertly edited and artfully polished my resume to perfection, I was greatly encouraged. The Total System™ Cycle of Success linking a positive attitude with psychological leverage provided an inspirational strategy to launch my search. Your excellent resources enhanced my skills to market myself and having made a conscious decision to embrace The Total System™, I landed a great job! While I entered the transition program with many anxieties, I leave confident, excited about the future, and grateful for all your support. I heartily endorse Job Search: The Total System™ and highly recommend your transition coaching to anyone seeking a job or career change."

Deirdre O’Neill
Logistics Manager St. Luke’s Hospital System
Houston, Texas


"… the heart beat of career success!"


"If I had to put my experience with The Total System™ in a phrase, it would be... Confidence Building. Over my many years in engineering, project management and consulting, I have found that one of the most important elements in career success is CONFIDENCE. The Total System™ helped me gain confidence first of all in the marketability of my skills, competencies and experience. Then, it helped me create the tools and strategies to successfully manuver in the job market and within organizations to advance my career. What amazes me is that even with the proliferation of technology in the job search arena, the foundational principles of The Total System™ are still applicable. To put it simply, The Total System™ is the heart beat of career success!"

Roger Trandell
Houston, Texas


"… a life time of career success!"


"This is Alba Rocío Bissonnet.  Excellence of products and services is not all that separates Total Career Success from other career organizations — it is the people who deliver them with dedication and genuine concern for individual needs.  In a word, they are trust-worthy.  My association with The Total System™ goes back many years, and what is so impressive is the consistency of delivery and results.  I can confidently speak of their superior quality because many participants have spoken about The Total System™ with equal enthusiasm.  The most transforming element of The Total System™ is the confidence to market oneself.  That translates into a life time of career success!  What more can one ask for?  I offer my personal thanks and congratulations for the many lives The Total System™ has changed in such positive and dramatic ways."

Alba Rocío Bissonnet
Houston, Texas


"… ‘get a better job for better pay’ became reality for me!"


"My name is John Smith. The Total System™ goal to “get a better job for better pay” became reality for me!  The first class, professional resume differentiated me from other candidates being considered and the coaching process enabled me to persevere to realize the often quoted definition of success — “Where Preparation Meets Opportunity”. The positive, can-do attitude and words of encouragement inspired me to continue when the going got tough in a competitive market. In addition, the  professional coaching customized The Total System™ for my success. I do not believe I would be where I am today without The Total System™ program — it made all the difference in my transition."

John L. Smith
Houston, TX


"… more confident than ever about
my future …"


"This is Catherine Braun. The Total System™ not only helped rebuild my resume but also reorganized my thoughts and spirit regarding my future. I learned to use where I have been as stepping stones to new possibilities and to step out and attain whatever I wanted. From there I launched into a specific direction and charted new goals. I had never been able to fully appreciate my skills until I applied the principles of The Total System™. It can be very difficult changing careers in mid-stream as you seek to hold on to what is good and pitch out the not so good. I feel more confident than ever about my future and how I contribute to organizations. The Total System™ enables one to experience transition without the typical trial and error mistakes! With The Total System™ resources on-line, everyone can take advantage of this proven path for ongoing career development. You can incorporate it into a life-long course of action, gaining inspiration and know-how for the realization of your career goals and the tangible rewards that come with your advancement."

Catherine Braun
Land Leasing Supervisor
Major Energy Company

"… training and coaching … were excellent."


"This is Nelson Vasquez. I am a 28 year experienced Oil and Gas professional, most of this in first notch companies like Citgo and the latter part in consulting both upstream and downstream. As a very experienced oil and gas consultant, I was able to apply The Total System™ and your expert advice very quickly to successfully transition to a new opportunity. Your training and coaching on how to effectively approach the job market were excellent. I am a US citizen and also have great international experience with many of my professional and personal experiences and networks in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. While having extensive experience with US oil and gas firms, in addition I used your networking support for tapping the “hidden” job market and this was very valuable to me. The Total System™ negotiations coaching facilitated my career placement in the best opportunity. This is strong evidence of the value of your comprehensive service so I heartily recommend the system not only for the superb tools and resources, but for your customized approach which together with the appropriate background and credentials ensures the most adequate career path."

Nelson Vasquez
Dallas, TX


"… confidence to overcome …"


"Total Career Success has been invaluable to me. It has given me confidence to overcome the job search challenges. In addition, Total Career Success has helped me to better understand my strengths and then seek a “better job for better pay” in the areas most important to me. I would strongly recommend Total Career Success to all people - those looking for work and those who want to change but haven't had the courage to look."

Steve Diserens
Energy Consultant
Houston, TX


"… rebuilt my confidence."


"Total Career Success is a proven career development and placement system directed by caring, wise professionals. The void created by career transitions can cause even the most confident professional to question their judgement and competence. The Total Career Success system recognizes the compounding effect that relationships play in reclaiming your confidence and creating opportunties to make others aware of your skills and goals. My career consultant kept me on track as I rebuilt my confidence."

Margaret Collison Walker
Los Angeles, CA


"How great it is when a plan comes together …"


"The Total System™ and total service package available from Total Career Success is excellent. All of the advice is made possible by the insight and instructional wisdom contained in the CDs, book and study guide of Job Search: The Total System™. Its no nonsense approach to the job transition process helps bring everything together for a better job for better pay. This is one time when we can truthfully say how great it is when a plan comes together. I am very grateful that The Total System™ is available to me and that you are all so interested in my personal success. Because of your encouragement and confidence, in a short time, I too am confident."

Lynn McCormack
Atlanta, Georgia

"… I could not have asked for more… a better job for better pay!"


"Having experienced the The Total System™ process a couple of years ago, I knew that it was proven. Never-the-less, it was reassuring to be able to have your personal support as I once again found myself in transition. What separates Total Career Success from the competition is that you ‘walk the talk’. I really could not have asked more from your team. I have seen other transition services and they can not hold a candle to your services. I truly believe I met the goals you set forth in The Total System™ – a better job for better pay. Thank you for your guidance in making my transition a success."

Greg Stolte
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Beat out other candidates …"


"The Total System™ provided a systematic process to developing my tools which better positioned me for future employment. I used the resources repeatedly as a source of information. The consulting process is relentless and Total Career Success' commitment and positive approach is both comforting and inspiring. By being prepared and well practiced, I interviewed with a great level of confidence. With The Total System™, anyone can beat out other candidates for the position they are applying. Not only have I gained a position with a reputable company in which I can be happy and proud to be a part of, but I have gained practices that I will include in future day-to-day business. I am living proof that The Total System™ works – I recommend it to anyone."

Mark Johnson
Broussard, Louisiana

"You had my best interests as a priority …"


"The Total System™ and Dawson Total Career Success' counseling support has been an excellent resource in helping me prepare an impressive resume, establishing appropriate references and coaching me on networking. The coaching process was also valuable in conducting successful interviews to get the offer and reinforcing the application of The Total System™ at a personal level. The considerate, professional, thorough and diligent counseling support was most appreciated. I always felt that the advice had my best interests as a priority and am very grateful for this support."

Leslie Kukowski
Hampton Cove, Alabama

"Interview readiness paid off…"


"The Total System™ methodology made my job search efforts pay off. From resume, to letters, to interviewing, it gave me the confidence I needed. The interview readiness process paid off tremendously – the interviewers did not ask anything that I had not prepared for. I would recommend The Total System™ to anyone, and already have!"

Linda Depa
Lafayette, Louisiana

"My compensation potential surpassing my previous income many times over…"


"Never having experienced a transition program, I was a little skeptical at first, however, my first conversation with my consultant put my fears to rest. He put me at ease at a difficult time in my life. The Total System™ transformed my ideas of what a job search should involve and I regained my confidence to find that perfect position. The System works! My new opportunity, found by networking, is in a related industry and new field with a compensation potential surpassing my previous income many times over. The counseling was compassionate yet persistent in ensuring that I did the right things for my success."

Charles Goolsby
Coppell, Texas

"… totally professional, positive, and self
assuring …"


"Total Career Success is totally professional, positive and self assuring. They have an acute understanding of their participants' situations as well as of the real world of business. Job Search: The Total System™ and the counseling process did an excellent job of instilling in me the tools, techniques and strategies that have improved personally, professionally and will continue to benefit me in almost every aspect of my business and personal life. One of the most remarkable achievements which I personally experienced is the success of their approach to and style of resumes and letter writing. In the past, I had experienced about a 2% response to the letters and resumes I mailed out. Using The Total System™ techniques, the responses went up to 20-25%. I have also had prospective employers tell me in interviews that my documents were most informative and completely on target."

E. John Kocan (Participant)
IT Consultant
Harper & Pierson