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Dr. Bill Pepicello
President, University Of Phoenix
Featured Guest
November 10, 2008

Dr. Bill Pepicello photo

As the sixth president of the University of Phoenix, Dr. Bill Pepicello is responsible for the leadership of the largest private university in the United States. He has extensive experience in higher education, having served as Provost for the University, Dean of the School of Advanced Studies, as well as in executive, administrative, and faculty positions with a number of prestigious institutions. He holds both master's and doctorate degrees in Linguistics from Brown University. Dr. Pepicello serves on a number of national, state, and local Boards and is recognized as a leader in the changing landscape of American higher education.

Dr. Pepicello spoke about his perceptions on how education positions one for success in their field of choice, how the current econonic conditions will challenge various career aspirations, how global competition impacts career choices and addressed questions from the audience.

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