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Keith Ferrazzi
Best Selling Author of “Who’s Got Your Back”
Featured Guest
July 20, 2009

Keith Ferrazzi photo

Keith Ferrazzi is the NYT #1 bestselling author of Who's Got Your Back. No one is a self-made success. Keith adapts methodologies of the most successful behavioral change programs to provide a do-it-yourself blueprint for creating relationships and a support structure that separate the great from the merely good. With a nine-step action plan for creating relationships that help you learn, change and achieve your goals, Keith gives you the tools to achieve your dreams. Whether seeking to advance your career, expand your business, or find a new job, these techniques will enable you to succeed. This is not another self-help book, but the first ‘let others help’ book! The show informs and encourages listeners to achieve their career goals by featuring experts and business leaders on job search and career advancement.

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