If You Don’t Market Yourself, Who Will?

Total Career Success University:
The School for Job Search
and Career Advancement

It just makes sense. To become a doctor, you enroll in medical school for in-depth study and practice. A lawyer? Law school. To run a business, you could go for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration.

So where can you turn to learn to market yourself—those unique qualities, capabilities and strengths that you use to create TCS University value in the lives and businesses of others?

The answer is Total Career Success University, the online “campus” for Job Search: The Total System.™ This system has been the answer since 1988, and is now available 100% online.

The “job of job search” is like any other: It has requirements that, when met, dramatically increase the likelihood of success. Meeting those requirements requires skills and competencies. And those skills can be learned. They are taught here, every day at TCSU.

Complete Job Search Advice from TCSU Gives You Leverage


In fact, The Total System approach of TCSU integrates the learning and application of every essential “job search requirement” or skill—from resume development to networking, interviewing and negotiation—into a single, proven process. The value of learning these advanced techniques as an integrated process increases your marketability, giving you leverage over your competition. When you put them all to work in harmony toward your clearly-defined goals, you take control of your search and your destiny.

For confirmation, see and listen to reviews from our alumni.

A subscription to TCS University is The Ultimate Job Search Resource and provides skills that will last your lifetime. With it, you get:

  • Job Search: The Total System by Ken and Sheryl Dawson (PDF book)
  • 7-1/2 hours of audio by the authors to supplement the text
  • The Interactive Total System Study Guide, with review questions/answers and action plans
  • The Electronic Total System Organizer, with more than 20 forms and templates
  • A self-assessment
  • Sample “A+” resumes
  • 100 Interactive Tough Interview Questions/Suggested Answers
  • Interview videos at 5 career levels
  • The Total System Forum, to exchange ideas and questions with fellow students

Get Support the Way You Want It


Moreover, there are supplemental services if you need them, from individual coaching on specific steps, such as resume development, to full support every step of the way through our Track Options. We can get you started on the right foot, too, with career assessments that align your preferences, strengths and capabilities with the right careers for you.

So what are you waiting for? Even if a job search is not in your immediate future, learning these skills now will help you take the next step forward in your career the moment you are ready.

As we have been for tens of thousands, we are dedicated to your better job, better pay and better life!

Ken & Sheryl Dawson