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Career Success Portal Membership


The Career Success Portal includes content and research tools and resources to facilitate your career development:

  • Career Links – Comprehensive set of links to career related websites
  • Interactive Study GuideJob Search: The Total System™ study guide with answers
  • 100 Toughest Interview Question – Interactive Q&A section for interview preparation
  • Networking – Candidates can network with each other on a national or international level

Career Assessments

Career Report

The Career Report provides a listing of careers for which you are suited based on matching behavioral preferences, interests, task preferences and your educational level. It is ideal for confirming the best careers for you to target whether you are a new graduate or considering a career change. For information on a Career Report, contact us.

Full Work Place Preferences Report

The Work Place Preferences Assessment is a comprehensive behavioral work preferences assessment that evaluates 150 traits and competencies and matches your profile to one of 50 built in functional and position success templates. It also provides a career matching report. Other reports include an overview of your traits, a Paradox report on 12 performance paradoxes, targeted behavioral questions for interview preparation, development reports on your areas of improvement, among other reports. The report is ideal for career development, specific job – fit evaluation, preparation for interviews, and building confidence for the transition process. For information on a Full Work Place Preferences Report, contact us.

“This tool was excellent for analyzing my behavioral traits, both those that are strong and those needing improvement. This valuable self-knowledge helped me focus on those opportunities for which I was best suited.”

— Garrett Dolan
Project Director, Rice University

Entrepreneur Assessment


To help individuals determine whether running their own business is a good fit with their interests and personality, the Entrepreneur Assessment is based on the results of three powerful behavioral assessments. There are four ways in which these results help explore starting a small business:

  • Results on the inventories are compared with the results of business people.
  • A job description detailing the tasks required to run a business is provided and how the individual’s interests and personality preferences fit with those tasks is evaluated.
  • The individual’s personal styles related to work, learning, leadership, and risk taking are compared with the styles of small business owners.
  • This report ends with a summary and ideas for further exploring independent business options.