Total Career Success

The Next Best Step For Any Career

Total Career Success is the company that helps individuals at all stages of their working lives raise the trajectory of their careers. TCS does so by enabling anyone to convey the value he or she offers to prospective employers or customers. That value is measured in terms of income generated, cost saved and organizational goals achieved. When individuals learn to market their value powerfully and effectively, they consistently achieve better jobs, better pay and better lives.

TCS uses Job Search: The Total System™ to help clients succeed by creating their own, personal “brand.” Now in its third edition, The Total System was born in 1988, the brainchild of Ken and Sheryl Dawson, whose personal and professional ambition is to help millions achieve their job and career goals — even in tough times. Founders and principals of TCS and the Dawson Consulting Group, the Dawsons have a 30-year track record of success in providing corporate talent management services, including recruiting and outplacement.

Historically available only to corporate clients, the process and best practices of The Total System are now available to anyone: online through Total Career Success University and through experienced  coaches. That’s why TCS alumni say The Total System is the best next step for any career.