Job Search & Career Coaching


To facilitate job and career transitions and career development, coaching is provided over the telephone for various time frames depending on the needs and budget of the individual. Typical packages are one month, three months and six months.

Coaching for Individuals


Career and transition coaching is a custom designed assistance program in which individuals are provided professional assistance in successfully finding new employment, changing careers, going into independent options, returning to work and so on. The objective is to assist in finding the RIGHT position/option within a short period of time. In going through the career and transition counseling process, you stand to gain far more than merely a new job. Under skillful counseling and feedback, you will discover much about your inner needs and passions, traits and on-the-job behavior. Then conscious decisions can be made about:

  • Changing your style to fit the demands of the business world, or
  • Seeking a work climate and boss where your current style fits
  • Discovering your passion and finding the right work option for you
  • Moving up to the next best career opportunity
  • Changing careers
  • Becoming an independent consultant or contractor
  • Becoming an entrepreneur

You will also learn to probe a prospective job opportunity and identify vital data on what it would really be like to work there — the company style and culture and the nature and expectations of the new boss.

Through the career and transition coaching process, you gain invaluable insight about yourself and the marketplace; you will be better prepared to tackle the new job or opportunity with much better odds for future security and satisfaction. This new self-awareness allows you to make conscious decisions about your work and management style — whether to undertake change in behavior or to seek an environment that will welcome you the way you are. In this way, the challenging experience of career change and transition coaching can be a turning point, a beginning of new personal growth, rather than a confusing or negative experience.

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