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"… a comprehensive and practical book for America's job seekers …"


Ken and Sheryl Dawson have written a comprehensive and practical book for America's job seekers. An easy read, Job Search: The Total System provides solid and proven examples of how to prepare resumes and letters with a step-by-step guide to networking, interviewing, and negotiating for success. The reader learns how to be proactive, better prepared, and confident in anticipating their next moves in the job search process. The over thirty examples of query letters, letters of introduction, marketing plans, thank you letters and other forms make implementation a breeze. Best of all, this book accentuates the positive and helps the reader to understand that opportunities are created by positive, focused people. The millions of Americans who are dislocated or under employed would do themselves a great favor by reading The Total System and using it as their primary resource for finding that dream job. As a twenty-two year veteran college president and author of career books, I know a great value for job seekers when I see it.

Dr. Tony Zeiss
Central Piedmont Community College

Dr. Bill Pepicello, President of the University of Phoenix, Said...


Bill Pepicello photoJob Search: The Total System™ emphasizes that being successful is a process and that education is a cornerstone to that process, but not the end. The Total System™ provides useful strategies to position you in your job search and your profession.” Dr. Pepicell later observed, “I have noticed that many professionals and leaders are not prepared to present themselves to employers. The Total System™ interviewing strategies, techniques and tough questions are excellent resources to enhance your ability to sell yourself. I heartily recommend The Total System™ for advancing one's career.”

Listen to the entire TCS VoiceAmerica Internet Radio Show featuring Dr. Bill Pepicello."

Dr. Bill Pepicello
President, University of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ


"…tips and tricks to help any job seeker…"


"Job Search: The Total System™ gives specific tips and tricks to help any job seeker get out of a job search rut and onto a track that’s purposeful, productive and rewarding. The simple and straightforward worksheets and forms make it easy for a job seeker to focus and advance a career search without wasting time and energy on tasks that won’t get the best results. For graduates or alumni The Total System is a comprehensive approach to achieving placement success."

Jamie Belinne, SPHR
Assistant Dean for Career Services
C.T. Bauer College of Business University of Houston

"…prepared me to market them in the real world."


Corbett Parker photo "This is Corbett Parker. As a new graduate seeking my first full time position, I found the greatest value of the Total Career Success program in its comprehensive framework for how to address each stage of the employment search. College certainly developed my subject matter knowledge and skills, but The Total System™ prepared me to market them in the real world. If placement success equals skill plus preparation, then this program is the preparation factor needed to apply one’s skills and complete the placement equation. The online resources provide in depth understanding of each stage or step in the process; the one-on-one coaching addresses individual concerns, strengths and weaknesses and maximizes the value of The Total System™. Experienced coaches are extremely enthusiastic and supportive, demonstrating their commitment to invest in each participant until success is achieved. Career Success University offers a degree every college grad should earn and apply throughout their career."

Corbett Parker
Pagel, Davis & Hill, P.C.


"… maximize your marketability and
career success…"


"This is Bill Bellomy. As a new graduate with two years experience, I was ready to take the next step in my career. While I thought my resume was good and that I was a decent interviewee, when I experienced The Total System™, I realized I could improve vastly — and I have. In a 2-week coaching “boot camp”, my resume was transformed to “A+” with validating reference letters, my interviewing skills were honed to “spit and polish” and my confidence sky rocketed! The career and behavioral assessments were right on target and immensely helpful in preparing my resume, references and interview responses. If you want to maximize your marketability and career success, enlist now for THE job search and career development “boot camp” experience of a life time."

Bill Bellomy
Commercial Sales
Marcus & Millichap
Austin, TX


"… delves into every nuance, leaving nothing to chance!"


"This comprehensive book really lives up to its title – Job Search: The Total System™! As a former superintendent of schools I heartily recommend it to all guidance counselors and career advisors serving high school and college graduates and alumni. In contrast to many resources in this field that stress one or two aspects of the job search, The Total System™ delves into every nuance, leaving nothing to chance! From assessment and resume preparation to lead generation and interviewing the insights provide both an integrated framework and specific techniques to develop a personalized strategic plan.

For instance, the balance emphasized between traditional networking techniques and electronically transmitted communications was instructive since many job seekers overlook the value and effectiveness of telephone and face-to-face interactions. The assessments force the job candidate to focus on specific personal and professional self-knowledge and goals that would otherwise probably not be considered important.

For anyone coaching in the area of careers and job placement, for individuals seeking to enter the job market, as well as those looking to improve their careers, The Total System™ is THE one dynamite resource to have in your arsenal."

Ed Elms
Former Superintendent
Jackson Township School District, NJ

Real World Examples


"Easy reading, informative and instructive, Job Search: The Total System™ offers the job seeker a realistic approach to the all-too-often intimidating world of finding a good job with a good future in a global market.

The Dawson's program gives “real world” examples and teaching methods. It offers the college instructor excellent supplemental material for the classroom. Students and alumni in turn, receive needed tips on how to assess their own personal strengths and overcome weaknesses. Critical thinking skills are stressed and developed through real world training activities.

The Total System™ Book, Audio Series and complementary resources - are outstanding both in the ease of presentation and in the value of information they provide. For anyone who is interested in finding just "the right job," The Total System™ is an excellent reference!"

Ken Hernandez
Dean, Career & Technology Education
Houston Community College

"It was a confidence builder…"


"The complete behavioral assessment was excellent for analyzing my behavioral traits, both those that are strong and those needing improvement. This valuable self-knowledge helped me focus on those opportunities for which I was best suited. It was a confidence builder and also facilitated development of my resume and references. The added benefit of built-in behavioral questions, specific to the level of postion I was seeking, made it a powerful addition to preparing for interviews."

Garrett Dolan
Director, Corporate Relations
Rice University

"I personally learned alot…"


"Vibrant, exciting, comprehensive, written in converational style, Job Search: The Total System™ is well categorized with an excellent flow. I personally learned a lot, especially in the areas of Career Changes and Returning to the Work Force. The chapters on Interviewing and Negotiating were exceptional."

Richard V. Campagna, J.D. Ph.D
Managing Partner
RVC College & Career Counsel

"… Sound Advice …"


"To my thinking, Job Search: The Total System & total Interview Video Series hit the mark, providing crucial, easy to digest information and suggestions on how to prepare and carry out a job search.

Over the years I have had occasion to refer to and loan out this text to students facing that first job interview and to friends dealing with outplacement due to company "right sizing". All have commented on how helpful the book was to them in attaining placement quickly.

The Total System should be required reading for every college student, and must reading for individuals seeking changes in careers, dealing with outplacement or just wanting some good, sound advice on job potential and job search."

Tim Roseborough
The College Fund/UNCF
Houston, TX