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"Quite simply the best book and system
for job search."


Feeling anxious about your career? In between jobs? Graduated from college and now what?

Ken and Sheryl Dawson's book, Job Search: The Total System™, is the best book I have seen on this topic. Just reading it will calm you down and focus you, following it will greatly increase your chance for success in your job search.

Run don't walk to buy this book and get started right away.

Dr. Mark Goulston
Author and Executive Coach

"… cuts through the overwhelming amount of misinformation out there …"


Most books on "job hunting," "resume building," and the like are poorly put together texts that tell you to do what everyone else is to not stand out in the crowd.

And there IS a crowd.

Job Search: The Total System by the Dawsons really does accomplish what it sets out to do. It shows you how to do...and more importantly WHAT to do. Beginning with search online and moving right along to the basics, they then go where few dare. They tell the truth and show you how to get the job! They call it moving beyond Resume Platitudes. I call it getting past the BS. This chapter is worth the price of the book (and maybe your new career). The Dawsons do another favor by showing people how to network. This is something most people fail at and yet it is HOW jobs are found and offered.

Is the book perfect and really worth 5 stars? I read a lot of business books, I write a lot of business books. It's rare that books fulfill on the title but Job Search: The Total System is extremely well organized, well thought out, easy to understand and cuts through the overwhelming amount of misinformation out there.

Yes. 5 stars.

Kevin Hogan
Author of The Science of Influence

"… the definitive text on this complex and important subject …"


Job Search, The Total System not only captures the decades of recruiting and career development experience of two consummate experts, but it is a fun read with dashes of clever humor. This book is so content rich, you will study it carefully -- several times. In my 50 years in human resource development, I consider "Job Search" to be the definitive text on this complex and important subject.

Peter A. Land
MS, CSP, CMC, CPCM (Alabama)

"… an integrated system that virtually
ensures success …"


Ken and Sheryl Dawson have created the ultimate book on job search. They cover every major element of this difficult process, and provide an integrated system that virtually ensures success. They shatter many of the common myths about resume preparation, interviewing, networking and negotiating a compensation package. Having been on the front lines as a human resources professional for 30 years, I know this system works. I have used it during a difficult job transition myself, and did get a better job at better pay. Thanks Ken and Sheryl!

This book makes a great companion to Leadership for Life, since I view the Job Search System as a process based on sound leadership principles.

Douglas Gehrman
Leadership for Life - Your Guide to Becoming A Transformational Leader