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Total Career Success Custom Designed for Vets

"…The Total System™ will work for you!"


"Hello! This is Bob Bunker. Job Search: The Total System™ has been a tremendous help to me in achieving my career and life aspirations, and it will work for you! As I share in the Forward to The Total System, my personal experience is that it is very difficult to develop a resume and interview technique that truly reflects what one can achieve for a future employer. Yet that is the heart of what The Total System™ will enable you to do — and what makes it unique in the plethora of job search advice! It will challenge you to envision the future that is right for you, enable you to communicate your value to the potential employer, and propel you to achieve your dreams. I was successful in increasing my compensation and leveraging my earning potential substantially - and in jobs of my choice - by applying The Total System™ negotiating principles. The wonderful thing about The Total System™ is that it works! Good luck in your own Search!"

Bob Bunker
Retired Major General, Army Corps of Engineers
Senior Vice President of Brookwood Group
Atlanta, Georgia

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"… pays ongoing dividends …"


"This is Scott Dawson. After 26 years in the Air Force, I realized the transition to the civilian job market was going to be challenging. After researching several career placement approaches, I fortunately landed with Total Career Success. After immersing myself in The Total System™ success model, I developed the competence and confidence I needed. Amazingly my attractiveness as a job candidate steadily grew as I implemented the marketing techniques I learned! By the time I left the Air Force, I had secured an excellent job in my chosen career field. Several weeks after starting my new civilian career, I'm still receiving calls for interviews! The Total System™ is an excellent investment of time and effort which pays ongoing dividends — I highly recommend it to military personnel transitioning to the civilian job market."

Scott Dawson
Planning Analyst
Solano County Health & Social Services Dept.
Fairfield, CA.