Proven Techniques Customized for
Your Career Track


Each of the Career Tracks in the Total Career Success University program integrates the proven tools and techniques of Job Search: The Total System™. Read more about your Track to see how our tools and services combine to create your Total Career Success!

The College Track


The College Track of Total Career Success University is a proven resource ideal for the college graduate. Job Search: The Total System™ provides the tools and techniques you need to achieve your targeted career or job goal. Learn to market yourself at the start of your career and for your entire career with Job Search: The Total System™.

“Easy reading, informative and instructive, Job Search: The Total System™ offers the college student a realistic approach to the all-too-often intimidating world of finding a good job with a good future in a global market.”

Ken Hernandez
Dean, Workforce Development
Houston Community College System

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The Professional Track


The Professional Track of Total Career Success University is geared toward the professional who is ready to take their career to the next level. Whether you are looking for a new job, or to get more out of your current position, Job Search: The Total System™ and The Professional Track will get you moving in the right direction.

“If I had to put my experience with The Total System™ in a phrase, it would be… Confidence Building. … The Total System™ helped me gain confidence first of all in the marketability of my skills, competencies and experience. Then, it helped me create the tools and strategies to successfully manuver in the job market and within organizations to advance my career.”

Roger Trandell
Houston, Texas

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The Executive Track


The Executive Track of Total Career Success University adds services which take your advanced experience level into consideration. Job Search: The Total System™ and The Executive Track materials will help you explore consulting or small business ventures, and develop a customized portfolio for self-marketing.

“With The Total System™ approach, you not only learn insightful tips on how to locate, secure and maximize your earning potential in your next position, but you learn about those long term lifestyle habits like networking, understanding your own value, recognizing the fit of a potential position, and better understanding the importance of really creating value for organizations along the way.”

John Cape
Business Development Manager
Texas Independent Exploration Limited

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The Veteran Track


The Veteran Track of Total Career Success University recognizes your service to your country with free resources developed specifically to support your successful return to civilian life. Job Search: The Total System™ and The Veteran Track materials will help you transfer your military experience and skills to the civilian market place.

“By the time I left the Air Force, I had secured an excellent job in my chosen career field. Several weeks after starting my new civilian career, I'm still receiving calls for interviews! The Total System™ is an excellent investment of time and effort which pays ongoing dividends — I highly recommend it to military personnel transitioning to the civilian job market.”

Scott Dawson
Planning Analyst
Solano County Health & Social Services Dept.
Fairfield, CA

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